One of my favorite parts of January 1st and the weeks that follow is the opportunity to FOCUS. To strategically map out the copious things I want to become, do, and have over the next 365 days.  As I began to overwhelm both myself and my Word document with goals too numerous to share in this post, I couldn’t help but draw entrepreneurial wisdom and insight from who else but Miss. Katniss Everdeen.

I’m going to hope, pray, and assume that you’ve got goals for 2014.  If they entail launching a company you’ve got at least 100 items spread out on 20 different iPhone notes or past due to-do lists. The mistake that I along with many other current or aspiring entrepreneurs make is so blatantly clear:


This HAS to stop.                            

For anyone who watched the Hunger Games you know that this chic is FOCUSED. 1 Target. 1 Arrow. 1 Shot.  What would happen if you adopted that same strategy towards your soon to be outrageously amazing company?

1 Week.

1 Must Do Task.

1 Arrow Focused Effort To Hit Your Target

This model has brought great success to entrepreneurs in and out of District 12 and I’m thrilled to see a similar outcome for you this 2014.

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS                                                                                                                    

Break The Box! And Break it NOW!                                                                                          

What happens when you smash a sledgehammer on a carefully constructed box of limitation?

I want to find out!

Throughout all of history men and women have wrestled with the question of what do I want to do when I grow up? For me it was a radiologist (Kindergarten), then the first girl in the NBA (6th grade), then a billionaire global entrepreneur and super-incredible Proverbs 31 Chic (College and TODAY!)  As I got older it seemed as though I had to give a SAFE response to the What Do You Want To Do question. Something like:

“Well, I plan to work for ________(Insert Major Corporation), then get my_________(Insert Graduate Degree) then become a CEO of an existing company.”


I couldn’t stand these constraints and cookie-cutter ways of thinking that I saw so many people and myself getting trapped into. “YES IT IS A TRAP!”  The moment I realized spending 8 hours or more a day to not apply my skills and experiences to a job that I’m not interested in was the moment I found myself purchasing a free sledgehammer called “THERE IS NO BOX!” and smashing it on the carefully constructed boxes of limitation, fear, normalcy, and status quo. 


Talk about life changing. The past 6 months have been incredible. I’ve been able to work on projects and have experiences that are extremely satisfying.  My billionaire global entrepreneur dream is within reach simply because the boxes are broken, enabling me to actively walk towards this goal.

What boxes do you need to smash? What limitations are holding you back from becoming the entrepreneur or creating that fabulous something that you’ve always wanted to do? Join The Student Dream community and I as we purpose ourselves to inspire, empower, and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to BREAK THE BOX AND BREAK IT NOW!!!